Our Technology
Advanced Driving Assistance System
Ultravision ADAS can accurately recognize the distance between vehicles, pedestrian detection, lane departure. and send out timely alarms to effectively prevent accidents from happening.
Driver Monitoring System
In the process of driving, Ultravision DMS can capture driver status and issue warnings for dangerous driving behaviors like smoking, phone use, distraction, and fatigue. Help them develop good driving habits.
Blind Spot Detection
Ultravision BSD can accurately identify pedestrians and non -motorized vehicles within the range of the vehicle's blind spots, Promptly remind drivers and pedestrians to prevent accidents caused by blind spots.
Ultravision APC accurately counts passengers by analyzing various characteristics such as hairstyle, height, age, and hat type.Providing valuable insights for optimizing bus routes and scheduling.
AI Passenger Counting
About Ultravision
AI Video Telematics Solutions Provider
Ultravision is a premier provider of AI video telematics solutions aimed at enhancing the efficiency and safety of commercial fleets. With over 16 years of expertise in video-based hardware development, our R&D team is reshaping fleet management globally through innovative products and services.
People protected by Ultravision so far
Countries where Ultravision
is available
Reduction in accidents
Increase in productivity
.   B+
Transportation & Logistics
OTR, Long Haul transportation, Private fleet, Last mile, Owner/operator.
K-12 Schools
School bus manufacturers, K-12 Schools, Education departments.
Rental & Leasing
Taxi,limo service, rideshare service provider.
Public Transit
Bus operators/manufacturers, Government transportation departments,Cruise/Train/subway operating companies.
Oil & Gas
Specialized transportation providers for dangerous goods: oil, gas, toxic chemicals, flammables & explosives.
Government & Bank
Law enforcement agencies, Armored car services and cash transport.
Industry Solutions
Ratings & Reviews
Vietnam Government Porject QCVN31
Thank you to Ultravision for providing products and services, a trusted partner.
5/5 stars
Public bus Project
The APC system of Ultravision has provided us with valuable data insights in optimizing routes and reducing losses.
5/5 stars
Oil truck project
Oil tank there should be no potential hazards such as electric sparks around, Ultravision's solution provide cameras and wiring is explosion-proof and anti-corrosion. great design.
5/5 stars
DHL express project
After installing Ultravision equipment, the accident rate and cargo loss incidents of the fleet have significantly decreased.
5/5 stars
Looking to enhance your fleet with AI?
Opt for Ultravision and leverage AI Video Telematics Technology to boost both safety and operational efficiency.
Join us at Exposec 2024Shenzhen, China – May 20, 2024We are thrilled to announce that our team will be attending the highly anticipated Exposec International Fair in São Paulo, Brazil, from June 4t...
Have you ever wondered what those black boxes mounted inside buses or trucks do? While they might resemble airplane black boxes, they serve a different purpose. These devices, called MDVR.
1. What is APC?    APC stands for Automatic Passenger Counting. It's an electronic device available for installation on transit vehicles includin...
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