Tank truck solutions

      With the prosperity of the times and Rapid development of e-commerce trade, as a logistics manager, are you Still worried about receiving complaint from customers for problems such as the failure to deliver the goods on time, the unclear responsibility for the damage of the goods, and the loss of the goods?cannot find the real cause for hijacking operation vehicles,Cargo were Lost or damaged on the road, driver's illegal operation, abnormal fuel consumption and having accidents, etc.,, showing low vehicle scheduling efficiency and low vehicle utilization, which seriously affects the company's image and largely limits the company further development ?

       Therefore, Ultra Vision has developed a set of security solutions for the deamand of logistics companies, so that logistics companies can reduce operating costs and improve service levels to meet the needs of customers and social development. Logistics enterprises can grasp the information of transportation vehicles in a timely, accurate and comprehensive, and realize real-time monitoring and dispatching of transportation vehicles.


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