MDVR connection server steps

Issuing time:2021-12-04 15:52


Problem for 4G unable to dial


1, Check whether the 4G antenna is connected normally, and put the antenna outside the open room, as shown in the figure below

二,把4G SIM卡插入手机,关闭手机WiFi,浏览网页。如果能够正常上网,说明此张SIM卡没问题。进入手机[SIM卡信息]-[接入点]界面,获取到SIM卡APN信息。下面截图是以红米K30S为例。

2. Insert the 4G SIM card into the mobile phone, turn off the mobile WiFi, and browse the web. If you can access the Internet normally, the SIM card is fine. Enter the [SIM Card Information]-[Access Point] interface of the mobile phone to obtain the SIM card APN information. The screenshot below is based on Redmi K30S android system as an example.


3, the APN setting problem. Enter the 4G dial-up setting interface and set the APN, Username and Password according to the local operator. If you don’t know the Username and Password, leave them in blank. CenterNO is generally *99#.


Set the device ID. The device ID and the device ID on the server need to be able to correspond. Note: if 808 protocol is selected, the device ID needs No. 12.


5、 Set the server IP and port.If it is the client's own server, it needs to be set to the client's own server address


4, Press the [info] button of the remote control on the video display interface, enter the 4G information interface and observe whether the dialing is successful.

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